Vending Solutions Offers Amusement Games

Vending Solutions provides consolidated ancillary income programs for companies looking to add Amusement across a portfolio of locations.   Our clients include a National family entertainment company with over 300 locations, multiple hotel chains, and property management companies among others.  We provide Amusement Games, Digital Juke Boxes, Crane Machines, Pool Tables, video games, toy/sticker vending, kiddie rides and more in a variety of locations such as:

Amusement Game Machines Vending

  • Hotels
  • Supermarkets
  • Casinos
  • Truck Stops
  • Shopping Malls
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Movie Theaters

If you are considering adding amusement equipment to your location, the following are some guidelines to ensure that the location is a good fit for this type of equipment:

Hotels:  Amusement games generally work at hotels with 200+ rooms that cater to families.  Locations with pools or bars are generally preferred as well.

Supermarkets:  Supermarkets located in middle to lower income areas tend to work best.  The location should have adequate space near the entrance of the store.

Casinos:  Casinos should have a minimum of 100 parking spaces for patrons.

Truck Stops: Should cater to families and semi-truck clienteles with minimum parking for 60-80 trucks. There should be ample room for the machines in the restaurant or retail area.

Shopping Malls:  Bulk, Kiddie Rides and Cranes can do well in malls, especially if placed near food courts.

Bowling Alleys:  Should have a minimum of 15 lanes.

Movie Theaters:  Should have a minimum of 10 screens.


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