Vending Glossary

There are many terms and products associated with vending machines and the vending industry in general. The Vending Solutions Vending Machine Glossary offers detailed descriptions and a brief history of vending machines and the products featured in them. More vending machine terms will be added to the Vending Solutions Vending Machine Glossary over time, this is a work in progress. If there is a term that you think should be in the Vending Solutions Vending Machine Glossary, please contact us via email.

12 ounce – Twelve ounces is the amount of liquid in a can of soda. Twelve-ounce cans can be found in vending machines across the country.

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20 ounce - Twenty ounces is the amount of liquid in a bottle of soda. Twenty-ounce bottles can be found in vending machines across the country.

Associated Terms: 20 oz, 20 ounces, 20 ounce machine, 20 ounce machines, 20 ounce vending machine, 20 ounce vending machines, 20 ounce bottle, 20 ounce bottles.

7-Up – 7-Up was created in 1929 by Charles Leiper Grigg. It is one of the most dominant lemon-lime flavored products. In 1986, 7-Up merged with Dr Pepper. 7-Up products can be found in vending machines across the country.

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A&W Root Beer – In 1919,Roy Allen created A&W Root Beer. Today A&W sells the most Root Beer worldwide. A&W products can be found in vending machines across the country.

Associated Terms: A&W machine, A&W machines, A&W vending machine, A&W vending machines, A&W vending, A&W vendor, A&W vendors.

Aquafina - Aquafina is a brand of bottled water distributed and owned by Pepsi-Cola Aquafina can be found in vending machines across the country. Visit for more information.

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Air Compressor – Like refrigerators many vending machines also have air compressors. Air compressors are used to create a vacuum that results in the cooling of products in vending machines. Without an air compressor, there would be no way to keep soda in a soda vending machine cold.

Associated Terms: Air compressors, air compression, vacuum, vacuums, PSI.

Barq’s Root Beer - Barq’s Root Beer is a brand of Root Beer distributed and owned by Coca-Cola Bottling. Barq’s Root Beer can be found in vending machines across the country. Visit for more information.

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Beverage Vending Machine - Beverage vending machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes and vend a variety of products. Most beverage machines vend either cans or bottles.

Associated Terms: Beverage machine, beverage machines, beverage vending machines, beverage vending machine, beverage vending, beverage vendor, beverage vendors.

Bill Validator – Originally vending machines could only accept coins. Bill validators were first placed in vending machines in the 1970’s. Vendors soon noticed that vending machines with dollar bill validators out preformed vending machines without them. By the 1980’s almost all of the vending machines in the United States were able to accept dollar bills as well as coins.

Associated Terms: Dollar bill validator, dollar bill slot, bill Validators.

Bottled Vending Machine – A bottled vending machine is a type of beverage vending machine that vends glass or plastic bottles. Bottled vending machines have been around since the 1920’s. At one time, all bottled vending machines were stocked with glass bottles. Today vending machines that carry plastic bottles are more common. Vending Solutions has a variety of bottled vending machines.

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Bulk Vending Machine – Bulk vending machines are used to vend a number of different products in bulk. Bulk vending machines can vend just about anything. Most bulk vending machines are coin operated and do not accept dollars. Bulk vending machines are about 4 feet tall and have glass fronts.

Associated Terms: Bulk machine, bulk machines, bulk vending machines, bulk vending, bulk vendor, bulk vendors.

Canned Vending Machine – Acanned vending machine is a beverage vending machine that holds aluminum twelve-ounce cans. Canned vending machines can be found throughout the country.

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Carbonated beverage – A carbonated beverage is a liquid drink that contains carbon dioxide bubbles. Carbonated beverages can be found in vending machines across the country.

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Coca-Cola – Coca-cola or Coke is a carbonated beverage that was originally introduced in 1886 by Doctor John Pemberton. In the past hundred years it has taken the world by storm. It is one of the most recognizable brands to date. Coca-Cola and Coke products can be found in vending machines all over the world. In some parts of the country the word Coke is used to describe any carbonated beverage.

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Coffee Vending Machine – Not everyone has a Starbucks right next to his or her office. Thatis where coffee vending machines come in. With a coffee vending machine you always have access to the java you need to get going in the morning.

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Coin mechanism – Coin mechanisms really created the vending industry. The coin mechanism allows the transfer of money from the customer to the vending machine. The first vending machines that utilized coin mechanisms started showing up in the late 19th century. Coin mechanisms can be found on almost any type of vending machine and they will continue to stay until people stop using coins as currency.

Associated Terms: Coin mechanisms, coin mech, coins mechs, coin slot, coin slots.

Cold Food Vending Machine – A cold food vending machine has products like sandwiches and other lunch items that aren’t considered snack items. Typically the items in cold food vending machines do not have a very long shelf life, so they require a lot of volume to be profitable.

Associated Terms: Cold food machine, cold food machines, cold food vending machines, cold food vending, cold food vendor, cold food vendors.

Combo Vending Machine – A combo vending machine is a vending machine that vends a combination of different items. An example of a combo vending machine would be a vending machine that vends both sodas and snacks.

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Crane Vending Machine – A crane vending machine is a vending machine that has a number of different prizes in the center. In exchange for money you have a chance to win one of the prizes in the crane vending machine by hoisting it out with the crane.

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Dasani - Dasani is a brand of bottled water distributed and owned by Coca-Cola. Dasani can be found in vending machines across the country.

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Dr Pepper – Dr Pepper is a carbonated beverage invented in 1885 by Charles Alderton. Alderton credits the naming of Dr Pepper after his friend Dr. Charles Pepper. Dr Pepper is the oldest soft drink producer in the United States that is still in existence today. Dr Pepper products can be found in vending machines across the country.

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Drink – A drink is just that, a drink. Any kind of liquid that your body can consume could be considered a drink. Drinks can be found in vending machines everywhere.

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Frozen Food Vending Machine – Frozen food vending machines are made specifically for warm weather areas and hot climates. If you live in Wisconsin you probably don’t see many of these around your area. Frozen food vending machines vend ice cream and other frozen treats.

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Full Service Vending Machine – A full service vending machine is a vending machine that is continually stocked with product and is always functioning properly. Vending Solutions specializes in providing full service vending machines. You never spend time worrying about a full service vending machine because everything is taken care of for you.

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Gatorade – At one time scientists were in the dark about keeping athletes hydrated. In some cases coaches even had their players eating salt tablets. They wouldn’t let their players drink water for fear of it causing cramps during the game. Today we know this wasn’t helping the players, it was hindering them. That’s why in 1966 Dr. Robert Cade developed Gatorade for the University of Florida Gators. Gatorade was the first true sports drink. Gatorade replenishes electrolytes that are lost when you sweat and hydrates your body. Gatorade can be found in vending machines across the country.

Associated Terms: Electrolyte, Gatorade machine, Gatorade machines, Gatorade vending machine, Gatorade vending machines, Gatorade vending, Gatorade vendor, Gatorade vendors.

Ginger Ale – Ginger Ales were created in Ireland in the mid 19th century. Immigrants brought the concept of Ginger Ale across to the United States. The most noteworthy brand of Ginger Ale is the Canada Dry version created by John McLaughlin in 1907. Ginger Ale can be found in vending machines across the country.

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Glass Front Vending MachineGlass front vending machines come in different shapes and sizes. Many snack vending machines and bulk vending machines have glass fronts. The only disadvantage to glass front vending machines is that they are more susceptible to vandalism. However, glass front vending machines allow customers to see exactly what they are buying.

Associated Terms: Glass Front machine, glass front machines, glass front vending machines, glass front vending, glass front vendor, glass front vendors.

Gourmet PopcornGarrett Popcorn is known throughout the Chicago area as one of the tastiest snack foods & finest gourmet popcorn you can find on Michigan Avenue.

Gumball Vending Machine – Gumball vending machines are a type of bulk vending machine that vend gumballs. Many of you probably remember being a child and buying gum from a gumball vending machine at one time or another.

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Jackpotting – Jackpotting is a vending industry term for when a vending machine is giving out money or products for free. It is called jackpotting because it is similar to a slot machine when you hit the jackpot.

Associated Terms: Jackpot, one armed bandit, slot machine.

Mountain Dew – Ally and Barney Hartman created Mountain Dew in the 1940’s as a rival to 7-Up. They used the drink as a mixer for hard liquor. The name Mountain Dew gets its roots from Mountain Moonshine. Mountain Dew can be found in vending machines across the country.

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Multivend Vending Machine – A Multivend vending machine is a vending machine that vends both bottles and cans. Multivend vending machines are not very common but they may become more prevalent in the next decade or so.

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NAMA – According to the NAMA website NAMA is the national trade association of the food and refreshment vending, coffee service and foodservice management industries including on-site, commissary, catering andmobile.Vending Solutions is a member of NAMA.

National Vending – National vending is when you have a dedicated staff able to handle your vending machines regardless of their geographic location. A national vending company knows each region of the country with intimate detail and expert knowledge enabling seamless vending machine installations. Vending Solutions is proud to be a national vending machine company. Regardless of your office’s geographic location, Vending Solutions can offer the expertise your looking for when you install your new vending machine.

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Non-Carbonated Beverage – Non-carbonated beverages are beverages that are lacking in carbon dioxide bubbles. Some examples of non-carbonated beverages would be juices, sports drinks, and many others. Non-carbonated beverages are available in vending machines across the country.

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Pay Phone Vending Machine – Pay phone vending machines have been around almost as long as the phone it self. Pay phone vending machines enable people to make a call from a location where they may not have a phone of their own. Pay phone vending machines are slowly fading away due to more people utilizing cell phones. However pay phone vending machines are a great solution for certain locations.

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Pepsi-Cola – Pepsi-Cola was created in 1893. Originally it was called “Brad’s Drink” after the pharmacist creator, Caleb Bradham, but was later renamed Pepsi-Cola in 1898. Eventually Caleb went bankrupt in 1923 and had to sell the company to Loft Candy Company in 1931. Loft had a hard time competing with Coca-Cola and even offered to sell the company to its biggest rival. At that time the executives at Coke were not interested in buying Pepsi-Cola, much to their predecessors regret. Pepsi-Cola and Pepsi products can be found in vending machines across the country.

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Pop - Pop is another word for soda, soft drinks, and carbonated beverages. In various regions of the United States soft drinks are referred to by different names. For more information visit Regardless of what you call it, Vending Solutions is able to provide a variety of pop vending machines and great products to go in them.

Associated Terms: Pop machine, pop machines, pop vending, pop vending machine, pop vending machines, pop vendor, pop vendors.

PowerAde – PowerAde is a sports drink very similar to Gatorade that was release by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in the 1990’s. There is a debate in some circles about which product is better, Gatorade or PowerAde. Both products are a combination of salt sugar and water but they contain different amounts. In the end it really comes down to your personal preference. PowerAde can be found in vending machines across the country.

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POCP – POCP stands for preferred office coffee provider.

Refill Driver – Refill drivers are the backbone of the vending industry. Refill drivers go on daily routes refilling the vending machines with product. Keeping your vending machines filled is priority number one; which is why Vending Solutions employs the friendliest uniformed refill drivers around.

Associated Terms: Refill drivers, route drive, route drivers.

Refill Schedule – A refill schedule is how often the refill driver comes out to fill your vending machine. Vending Solutions takes great care in determining how often your vending machine should be filled. For instance, during the summer months your vending machine needs to be filled much more often than during the winter months. Vending Solutions refill scheduling system accounts for seasonality and a variety of other factors to ensure that your vending machines are filled often enough to meet your needs.

Associated Terms: Refill, refill schedules, refill scheduling, refill frequency.

Route Operator – A route operator is a vending industry term for the entity that manages the vending refill route. Vending machines are always in need of product. That’s why it is important to have a Route Operator that is dedicated to serving you.

Associated Terms: Route operators, route operations, route management, route managers.

Repair Tech – Think of a repair tech as a doctor for vending machines. If something ever goes wrong with your vending machine, we have a qualified staff of repair techs on call. Our repair techs have years of experience with common vending machine repair issues. They will ensure your satisfaction by helping you get your vending machine working again in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Root Beer – Charles Hires created the Root Beer in 1876. However, the roots of Root Beer go back to Colonial times. There is no one standard recipe for Root Beer. There are many companies that make Root Beer. One of the most noteworthy is A&W Root Beer that sells the most amount of Root Beer in the world.

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Seasonal Vending Machine – A seasonal machine is a vending machine that doesn’t operate all year round due to it being in a location that is not used year round. These locations would include pools that are only open during the summer and schools that aren’t open during the summer. Vending Solutions will only place seasonal vending machines in qualified locations.

Associated Terms: Seasonal machines, seasonal vending machine, seasonal vending machines, seasonal vending, seasonal vendor, seasonal vendors.

Service Order – A service order is our way of keeping track of exactly what went wrong with the vending machine and why. This enables Vending Solutions to meet your needs more efficiently. If you ever experience a problem with your vending machine you can call the toll free number on the side of the vending machine. When you call, a service order will then be placed in our VendTrak™ system. Service orders are then tracked and followed up on at a later date to ensure that your vending machine is serviced in a timely manor.

Associated Terms:Service orders, service request, service requests.

Snack Vending Machine – Snack vending machines provide a variety of snack food products to hungry customers. Usually snack vending machines have glass fronts. Vending Solutions provides a wide product selection for all of our snack vending machines.

Associated Terms: Snack machine, snack machines, snack vending, snack vending machines, snack vendor, snack vendors.

Soda Vending Machine – Soda vending machines strictly vend sodas or carbonated beverages. Soda vending machines can vend both bottles and cans. Vending Solutions provides a wide product selection for all of our soda vending machines.

Associated Terms: Soda machine, soda machines, soda vending machines, soda vending, soda vendor, soda vendors.

Soda Pop – Sodapop is another word for pop, soda, soft drinks, and carbonated beverages. In various regions of the United States soft drinks are referred to by different names. For more information visit Regardless of what you call it Vending Solutions is able to provide a variety of soda pop vending machines and great products to go in them.

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Soft Drink – Soft drinks trace clear back to the 17th century. The soft drinks of that time bare almost no resemblance to the sheer variety that is held in vending machines. The first soft drink was a mixture of honey, lemon, and water. The first carbonated beverages started appearing in the mid 18th century, but did not grow in popularity until the end of the 19th century. Today, there are a wide variety of soft drinks available in vending machines.

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Vandalism – Vandalism is something that no one wants to deal with. It costs the vending industry millions of dollars a year. It usually makes the vending machine unusable for a period of time. Vandalism can easily be avoided by finding suitable locations for vending machines.

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Vending – Vending and vending machines have been around a lot longer than people realize. The Greek mathematician Hero created the first vending machine known to man. The first vending machine was designed to vend holly water. Vending and vending machines have come a long way since 215 B.C. However, the first major breakthroughs in commercialized vending were not realized until the end of the 19th century when the first coin-operated vending machines started to appear.

Associated Terms: Vending machine, vending machines, vendor, vendors.

Vending Company – There is a multitude of different vending companies. Many vending companies specialize in different areas of the vending industry. There are vending manufactures, vendors that deal specifically with the many different types of machines, and vending service companies. Vending Solutions is a vending service company and we excel at what we do. Let Vending Solutions cater a vending program to meet your vending needs.

Vending Management – It is very important to manage vending machines correctly. If a vending machine is poorly managed is causes everyone problems. A vending machine that is not managed correctly will not generate enough income, it will have numerous repair and refill issues and it will make anyone who uses it frustrated. That’s why Vending Solutions came into existence, to manage vending machines correctly. We know each and every aspect of what it takes to run a successful vending program. Leave the vending to us!

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Vending Service – Vending service is based on the idea that you should never have to give your vending machines another thought. A vending service supplies your employees with the products they want at the exact time that they want them. Vending Solutions can provide vending service nationally.

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Vending Solutions - Vending Solutions is a vending company that offers full service vending machines to offices of 40 or more people. Vending Solutions is dedicated to meeting all your vending machine needs.

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VendTrak™ – VendTrak™is a unique database conceived, designed, and developed by Vending Solutions. VendTrak™ was created to manage, monitor, and oversee any and all actions regarding your vending machine and your vending service account from account creation onward. VendTrak™will ensure your satisfaction with your new vending machines and vending service.

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Water – Water is H2O. H20 stands for the 2 hydrogen atoms and the1 oxygen atom that join to make up the water molecule. The human body is more than two-thirds water. The Earth is covered with oceans of water. Water rains down from the heavens. Without water humans cannot survive. Water can also be found in bottles. The bottles can be found in vending machines. Maintaining the purity of water is important, that’s why Vending Solutions is happy to offer bottled water in our vending machines.

Associated Terms: H20, Aquafina, Dasani, Bottled Water, rain, ice.